Hello... Is this the LotterWe Foundation?

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What is the LotterWe Foundation?

Watching people win millions of dollars each week while non-profits struggle with funding to help our communities, got us thinking. What if, instead, we could combine single dollars in a similar fashion to create a more positive impact as a donation for non-profits? The goal is to make the heart-warming benefits of philanthropy accessible to all...one dollar at a time. Philanthropy doesn't have to be limited to a certain demographic that has to suffer through catered dinners, wine auctions and exclusive galas with too many purple lights. 

So... how does it work?

When you donate $1 to LotterWe, you also get to pick your favorite local non-profit. Each month, from all the entries, we randomly select one of the player's favorite non-profits to receive all of the provided donations as a larger combined donation. Seeing how the lottery can generate a significant purse, we believe that together we can do something similar--but better as we generate positive results for non-profits. 

Do I win?

Good news and bad news. With LotterWe, you lose every time. Isn't that great?!!! In fact, you are guaranteed to lose but you will be part of a winning team where one lucky non-profit receives a larger donation on everyone's behalf. Losing never felt any better, right? :) So, in our mind, we actually win every time because... communities and non-profits win with LotterWe. It's also fun to think that, if your provided non-profit wins, you'll be given first pick to walk their giant cardboard donation check into their office. Funzies!!!!

Is this gambling?

Great question. I mean, our name is playfully LotterWe. But, since with your $1 donation, you personally can't ever win any monetary cash value or return, we are not a lottery and this isn't a gambling entity. Ultimately, you are simply adding your $1 donation to a larger donation that will go to a lucky non-profit selected from those who are playing. Yes, the non-profit you submitted may win but individuals, as part of LotterWe, do not win any cash.

Is every non-profit eligible?

For now, as we build this, we are focused on local non-profits in Seattle that are not religiously based. As the list expands, we'll be using Guide Star to review non-profits on our list. Did we miss a non-profit that you really like? Shame on us!! :) Let us know and we'll see about adding them as an option.

Will every winning non-profit receive my contact information?

Nope. Winning non-profits will not receive your contact information. The winning non-profit will receive the donation from LotterWe on behalf of its members. They will of course, because they are good people, want to send you a pleasant thank you note. The winning non-profit will have the option of sending that directly to us where we will send it to the members who were part of the that donation. So, no, they will never receive your contact information from us; your inbox will be safe :)

Can a non-profit win more than once? 

Winning more than once? Lucky them! Currently, this is our initial run, But, once we fully launch this, we will have parameters after a non-profit wins. For example, a non-profit can only win once every 3 years and ultimately, a non-profit can only ever win twice. 

How often will you do this?

If it means that non-profits win more often, we'd do it every day if we could. But... it's likely we will be doing this just once a month. The plan would be to make it a fun and creative event. We'll invite inspiring and amazing people to be a part of randomly drawing the player-provided, non-profit for that month. Maybe each month we try a new bizarre way to pick the randomly selected non-profit from the list...  A tub of ping pong balls, a 1000-sided dice, philanthropic spin the bottle... Got an idea? We already love it!

I want in!

You want in. We want you in. Non-profits want you in. Yes! Let's make philanthropy accessible to everyone one dollar at a time and let's do this! Okay, we did mention that we are in the total, drawn-on-a-bar-napkin, prototype phase, right? Good. Okay, below is our form to join for the first round. Our first draft drawing will be on June 8th at 8pm. 

Philanthropy with us!!! 

Donate here: https://lotterus.wufoo.com/forms/lotterwe-foundation/